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          ><°> ><°>  ><°> ><°> ><°>  ---- EMPLOYMENT---- ><°> ><°>  ><°> ><°> ><°>   
2018-xx       Researcher (CR CN) at I.R.D., UMR IPSL-LOCEAN (Team 'CYBIOM')
      2012-17       Researcher (CR1) at I.R.D., UMR IPSL-LOCEAN (Team 'BTP')              
      2007-12       Researcher (CR2) at I.R.D. (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement),  UR CAMELIA,
then UMR LOPB (UMR213, Marseille), and then UMR IPSL-LOCEAN 
                                Topics: Coral reef ecology, biogeochemical cycles (C, CaCO3), diversity of boring 
microflora in the context of ocean acidification, global warming and anthropogenic
Post-doc researcher at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB, USA) and IRD (FR)
                               Topic: Roles of microborers in live and dead corals under different environmental conditions
Grant: Outgoing International Post-doctoral Fellowship (Marie-Curie Fellowship) - FP6 (UE) 

      2005-06       Post-doc researcher
at NOAA Fisheries and Ecosystems -CRED (CRED)
                                Topic: Spatio-temporal variability of diversity and abundance of macroalgae across Pacific
                                Archipelagoes (e.g. Mariana Isl., Hawaiian Isl., and American Samoa)

Grant: NOAA grant (NOAA-CRED, HI, USA) 
      2002-04       Post-doc researcher at Columbia University of New York City (CU)- Lamont Doherty Earth
                               Observatory- Biosphere 2 Arizona - HIMB (Hawaii)
                               Topic: Effects of ocean acidification on boring microflora metabolism under controlled

                               Grant: HP grant (Helwett Packard grant)
      2001-02       Teaching research assistant at the University de la Méditerranée (C.O.M.), Marseille
                                Topic: Reef bioerosion on GBR (Australia)
                                Grant: 1 yr contract (Univ. of Méditerranée)
     1999-01        PhD thesis in Marine Biology - "Sciences de l'Environnement, Chimie et Santé", Univ. de la
                                Méditerranée (C.O.M.)
                                Topic: Role of boring microflora in the process of reef bioerosion (Great Barrier Reef)
                                Grant: MRT fellowship (Univ. of Paris 6), 2 travel grants for field work on the GBR from
                                French-Australian Cooperation.

     1997-98       Master in Oceanography  - "Océanographie biologique, Environnement marin et biogéochimie" ,
                                Univ. de Paris 6 (Paris, Fr)
                                Topic: Boring microflora in live and dead thalli of the crustose coralline alga Hydrolithon
                                onkodes (Moorea, French Polynesia)
     1998            Scientific animator at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco ( - 2 months
     1996-97      4th year at University (Bachelor) in Biology of populations, UBO (Brest, Fr)
     1995-96      3rd year at University in Biology of organisms (option Paléontologie), UBO (Brest, Fr)
     1993-95      1st and 2nd year at University - "Sc. de la vie et de la Terre", Univ. de F. Rabelais (Tours, Fr)

          ><°> ><°>  ><°> ><°> ><°>  ><°> ---- EXPERTISE ---- ><°> ><°>  ><°> ><°> ><°> 
             Main Research Topics
                    - Diversity, distribution and abundance of micro- and macro-algae in coral reefs, especially
                        boring microflora which comprise cyanobacteria, algae and fungi.
                    - Process of reef bioerosion (grazing, macro- and microbioerosion)
                    - Metabolism of endolithic microflora including euendolithic microflora: rates of primary 
                        production and carbonate dissolution (biogeochemical cycles: C and CaCO3)     
                    - Effects of environmental factors such as ocean acidification on boring microflora -
                        experiments carried out in situ and ex situ
                    - Interactions between boring microflora and their hosts (coral holobiont)

                    - Light microscopy and SEM
                    - Thin petrographic sections
                    - Image analysis (with Visilog 5.0, NIH, CPCe)
                    - Spectrophotometry, fluorimetry, HPLC (extraction and analysis of pigments)
                    - Measurements of photosynthesis-respiration, calcification-dissolution
                    - Experiments on the field with incubation
chambers and in tanks
Biogeochemical analyses (O2, pH and alkalinity using the alkalinity anomaly method, ...)
                    - Light measurements (various light sensors)
                    - Statistical analysis
                    - Microsoft office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Distiller, Endnote, Zotero, Image J, Visilog, CPCe,
                      Statview, Statistica, SuperANOVA,
                     - French (mother tongue),
                     - English (fluent),
                     - Spanish (school level)

                    - Member of the Scientific Commission CSS3 and Permanent council (I.R.D.) (2016-2020)
                    - PI on several grants (MEDDE, IDF-R2DS, INSU, CRISP, IFRECOR, IRD-GOPS.. see below)
                    - Nominated Member of the Laboratory Council (2014-2017)
                    - Elected Member of the OSU ECCE TERRA Council (2015-2017)
                    - Guest Editor (for MARES special issue in Mar. Env. Res. )
                    - Member of the Scientific Council of the 1st MARES conference on Marine Ecosystem Health
and Conservation (2014)
                    - Representative of the Institute (IRD) at the French Ministry of Ecology (2 meetings in 2013)
                    - Representative of the UMR LOPB, and then LOCEAN during IRD work meetings (2010-2013)
                    - Management of the marine chemical lab (LOPB) at the Center of IRD in Nouméa (2009)
                    - Management of small teams including PhD & Post-doc students, and technicians
                    - Representative of PhD students and post-docs as part of the Scientific Council of DIMAR 
(Station Marine d'Endoume) in 2001

            Supervision of students
Master students (Claire Godinot-ENS/UPMC; Fanny Noisette-UBO; Julie Grange-UPMC;
Sevahnee Pyneeandy-Univ.Rochelle; Jessy Toncin- UPMC; Anaïs Massé - Univ. Aix-Marseille)
- Phd students (collaboration with C. Godinot-CSM Monaco in 2011; collaboration with F. 
Noisette UPMC Roscoff marine Station; Full supervision of J. Grange-UPMC Paris 2012-2015;
                      Co-supervision of Anaïs Massé-SU-UPMC Paris 2015-2018)

                   - Post-doc student (Chloé Brahmi-IDF Paris, 2013-2014; Henry Wu-Labex IPSL-2015-2016)
                   - others (several students at level: L3, L1, IUT 2nd year..)

            Teaching experience
                    - 2017: 3h at the Master 2 SEP "Systématique Evolution et Paléotonlogie" (module #51),
                                  UPMC/MNHN Paris 6
                    - 2017: 2h at the Master 1 SDUEE (module #GQE Grandes Questions Environnementales)
                                  UPMC Paris 6
                    - 2016:
2h at the Master 1 SDUEE (module #GQE Grandes Questions Environnementales)
                                  UPMC Paris 6
                    - 2014: 2h at the Master 1 "Biologie, Ecologie, Evolution" (Parcours BEST-Ali)
                                  Université de la Réunion

                    - 2002: Teaching Assistant (ATER) at the University of Aix-Marseille II (L1-L3) - 96h eq TD

             Diving certificates
                    - NOOA scientific diver (2005)
                    - NITROX certification (2005)
                    - First AID, DAN O2, CPR (2005)
                    - CMAS 3 stars (2000)
                    - CNRS scientific diver (CAH 1B, 1999)
                    - Boat licence

              Field experience (South/North Pacific and Indian Oceans)       
                    - 2018              Reunion Island (2 weeks) and Mayotte (4 weeks)
                    - 2014              Reunion Island (3 weeks)
                    - 2013              New Caledonia (2 months)
                    - 2010-11       
Reunion Island (2-3 weeks each time)
                    - 2010              Tara International Expedition - cruise in Mayotte (June 2010)
                    - 2008-11        Lagoon of New Caledonia (inshore, lagoonal and barrier reefs)
                    - 2006              Main Hawaiian Islands (1 month cruise on the Hi'ialakai-NOAA) 

                    - 2006              American Samoa and Line Islands (2 months cruise on the Hi'ialakai-NOAA)
                    - 2005              Mariana Archipelago (3 wks cruise on the O. Elton Sette-NOAA). Wake Isl./Guam
                    - 2005              Thailand, Racha Island (2 weeks) Restoration of coal reefs (Butok Bay)
                    - 2002-03        Kaneohe Bay (Hawaii) Experiment between December 2002 and June 2003
                    - 2002              Port Cros Park (Mediterranean Sea) Cartography of the shore
                    - 1999-00        Great Barrier Reef (Australia), 2 months each year to collect dead corals

                    - 1998              Moorea (French Polynesia) Collect of coralline algae on the reef flat

        ><°> ><°>  ><°> ><°> ><°>  ---- AWARDS / GRANTS ---- ><°> ><°>  ><°> ><°>
        2018               TAAF (Iles Eparses) (32K euros; PI project 'CLIM-EPARSES')
        2018               INSU (EC2CO) (15K euros; PI project 'CARBODISS')
        2017               ATM blanche MNHN (7.5K euros; PI: I Domart-Coulon)

2015-18         Programme IPV (SU-UPMC) (> 110K euros, PhD fellowship for A. Massé; co-PI)
        2015-16         Xème FED regional-TAAF (> 250K euros, project SIREME, Iles Eparses and Mayotte)
        2015-16         Labex L-IPSL (2 yrs post-doc fellowship for H. Wu, > 80K euros, co-PI)
        2015               PRES Sorbonne Universités (SU) (50K euros, CORALBOUCLE project, co-PI)
INSU (EC2CO) (> 15K euros, follow-up of the ACIDIC² project, PI)
        2013               Labex CORAIL (> 15K euros, project COMETA in New Caledonia/Reunion Island)
        2012               Ile-de-France, R2DS (
> 76K euros, 18 mo post-doc grant for C. Brahmi, PI)
        2012-15         ED129 (UPMC, Paris) (
> 110K euros, 3 yrs PhD fellowship for J. Grange, PI)
IFRECOR program (> 25K euros, project CORALDISEASE in New Caledonia, PI)
        2012               INSU (EC2CO) (> 20K euros, project ACIDIC² in New Caledonia, PI)
        2011               IRD-GOPS grant (8K euros, project AMICAL² in New Caledonia, PI)
   MEEDDM (via FRB) (35K euros, project MIDACOR in NC/Reunion Isl./Bermuda, PI)
CRISP funding (20K euros, project on "Coral diseases in New Caledonia", PI)
        2010               IRD-GOPS grant (10K euros) (project "AMICAL" in  New Caledonia, PI)
        2010               AAAS Travel Award (AAAS meeting, San Diego, USA, February 2010)
        2009               IRD (30K euros,
project on "The effects of ocean acidification on microborers", PI)
        2009               IRD Travel Award (PSI meeting, Tahiti, French Polynesia, March 2009)
        2006               European OIF Post-doctoral Fellowship, 3-years project (Marie-curie, PI) (> 250K)
        2006               Best Paper Award for 2005 in Coral Reef journal (see ISRS and Award)

        2005               Travel award
from Conseil Général d'Indre-et-Loire, La Mairie de St Cyr sur Loire and 
                                 diverse associations for a project in Thailand (see article)
        2002               Grant Hewlett Packard, 2-years post-doc (> 150K US$)
        2000               Award for the Best talk as part of the Ecole Doctorale de Marseille
        2000               Travel grant from French-Australian Cooperation & COM (PhD field work)
            Travel grant from French-Australian Cooperation & COM (PhD field work)
        1999               PhD Fellowship - MRT (> 110K euros)-  3-years project

          ><°> ><°> ><°> ><°> ><°>  ---- MEMBER OF ---- ><°> ><°>  ><°> ><°> ><°> ><°>

          ASLO          American Society of Limnology and Oceanography) - ASLO
          ACOR         Association pour les récifs coralliens) - ACOR
          ISRS            International Society for Reef Studies) - ISRS
          AAUW        American Association of University Women) - AAUW
          IFUW          International Federation of University Women)
          ACRS          Australian Coral Reef Society) - ACRS
          AFIE           Association Française des Ingénieurs Ecologues)

          ><°> ><°> ><°> ><°> ><°>  ---- REVIEWER/EDITOR FOR ---- ><°> ><°>  ><°> 

          Science (AAAS)
          Nature Climate Change
          Global Change Biology
          Coral Reefs
          J. Phycology
          Aquatic Ecology
          Microbial Ecology
          Marine Pollution Bulletin
          Book Vol. on Current Developments in Bioerosion (Springer)
          INSU, ANR, NSF, ISF, CONACYT, international expert for reviewing student memories (Master, PhD...)
          Guest Editor for Marine Environmental Research journal "Special issue MARES program".


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